Local author Tammy Mullen writes to chronicle the story of 99 local boys who went off to serve during World War 1.  Each of their stories, the ones that need to be told, are painstakingly researched and superbly told.  The reader does not have to be a Western New York history buff or of a local family member to enjoy learning of their fates and sacrifices made for their country.   The book is wonderfully sectionalized so that the reader can enjoy a portion, put the book down, and then start reading once more to be enthralled again and again by the sometimes heroic and other times  just everyday happenings by our boys off the farm and away from town. 

In 1917 war raged across Europe, thousands of miles from Western New York. Men from the rural farming community of Parma answered their nation’s call to bear arms. From privilege to poverty, they walked off the farm, stopped working on the railroad, cut short their secondary education ambitions, and left established professions to serve. Whether at home or abroad, their experiences were shared in the pages of a small, weekly paper for a community to remain “With Our Boys” in their triumphs–and tragedies. Nine would not survive the war, their stories tragic yet vastly different. Returning home, these soldiers, sailors, and Marines traded their uniforms for civilian attire and immersed themselves in society. From legacies to notoriety and ingenuity to determination, those that survived attempted to pick up where they left off. Some succeeded while others suffered the lingering effects of war. Generations removed and one hundred years later, their histories nearly forgotten, With Our Boys-Honor Roll explores the lives of the ninety-nine veterans, enshrined on a painting, who once called Parma home. Everyone has a story – it just needs to be told. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Parma Hilton Historical Society.

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