Local History

Local History

An early account of the history of Parma can be found in the pages of History of Monroe County, New York.  First published in 1877, we learn Parma was once known by another name.  Rather than "reinvent the wheel", so to speak, a transcription of the recorded history starting from page 173, can be found along with illustrations of the area. A snapshot of seventy years, we learn of the townspeople, businesses, schools and churches that dotted the landscape long ago.

Early Parma

From humble beginnings, learn about the early settlers who helped to shape the future of  Parma

Mail, Stage and Rail

The development of communication through transportation

Parma Corners

The Davis family, recorded as the first settlers, would be witness to immense growth in Parma

The Parma Institute

An attempt at a local institution of higher education would last just five years in Parma

Unionville N. Parma

Before Hilton, Unionville was a bustling hub with a growing population and many businesses

Town Officers

The early years of Parma Center, its development, businesses, and the people who made it happen

Parma Center

The early years of Parma Center, it's development or business and the people who made it happen

Churches of Parma

More than places of worship, churches were a gathering place for Parma's pioneers

The Schools of Parma

The early pioneers placed an emphasis on the construction of schools and education in the new community

Notable Biographies

A snapshot of a few prominent men and women from the early years of Parma and Unionville