Salt! The Western New York Gold Rush

Salt! The Western New York Gold Rush

February 11, 2019

7:00 – 8:00 pm

In the 1880’s, not unlike the 1849 California gold rush but with a little less glamor, the huge demand for simple salt was satisfied with the discovery of the needed commodity found under our feet. 

Join us as Mark Milcarek explains how and why this industry bloomed in Western New York only to decline twenty-years later

Admission is FREE. Light refreshments provided.

Mark Milcarek

Our guest speaker for the evening

The salt supply may have been limited elsewhere, but Western New York was truly sitting on a gold mine. At the height of production New York supplied 90% of the harvested commodity’s demand.

The end of Mr. Milcarek’s presentation generated many interesting questions, continuing the presentation and discussion of salt.

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