The Parma Hilton Historical Society (PHHS) Is pleased to offer certain events both routine and onetime special events throughout the year.  Those events will be documented below.  All interested parties, members and the public alike, are urged to visit this EVENTS column regularly as items may change and new programs will be added on a regular basis.


The PHHS is pleased to offer monthly meetings of the Society where at each gathering we present a guest speaker covering topics of local history or of general topics of interest to our membership base.  These meetings are free and open to the public unless noted otherwise.  All monthly meets are on the 2nd Monday of the month except during the Summer months of June and July when meetings are suspended.  Meetings are held at the Parma Town Hall Building, 1300 Hilton-Parma Corners Road (Rte 259), Hilton, NY 14468, starting at 7:00 p.m. and usually run about an hour.  Refreshments are served.  The list of scheduled meetings follows:


February 11, 2019:  Salt!  The Western New York Gold Rush.  Here in the 1880’s, not unlike the 1849 California gold rush but with a little less glamor, the huge demand for simple salt was satisfied with the discovery of the needed commodity found under our feet.  Come and listen to Mark Milcarek, Town Historian for Sheldon, NY, tell how and why this industry bloomed in WNY only to decline but twenty years later.

March 11, 2019:  This evening Mr. David Shields will entertain and enlighten us on two subjects:  first we will learn the history of the Erie Railroad and how it affected the Rochester area and our daily lives back when.  We then move onto the second subject of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum and how they affect our lives today.

April 8, 2019:  Tonight we will learn of the barn building legacy of John Talcott Wells and his sons, who built unique barns using soaring trusses rather than the more traditional post and beam construction.  Joining us will be Barb Chapman, Katie Andres and Dick Thomas, of the Wells Barn Legacy Team, to give the history of the man and his family and the construction techniques used.  Photos of existing Wells barns will be a highlight of the evening.

May 18, 2019:  This sounds like a far off event, but do mark your calendars now for this very special 50th Anniversary Party of the Parma Hilton Historical Society.  To hold the expected large number of people wishing the mark this event we’re using the Fireman’s Exempt Hall as the venue.  If you have any ideas, artifacts, people or stories that you think should be included in the celebration please contact Ken Freeman, Museum Curator, at 392-9496.