Parma hilton Historical Society is a Tax Exempt Organization. Your donations of artifacts and Cash can be deducted from your Income Taxes under Charitable Donations.

Contact Museum Curator (585)392-9496


Individuals or Organizations who wish to donate Cash Gifts :

Make Checks Payable to:

Pamra Hilton Historical Society

1300 Hilton Parma Corners Rd

Hilton N.Y. 14468

Attn: Treasurer

Cash donations are also accepted at the Museum Curator’s Office.

Donation of Artifacts

The Society accepts donations, gifts and loans of artifacts, books, historically significant papers,  associated with Town of Parma area.

We also accept donations, gifts or loans of artifacts which add to the enhancement of exhibits within the Museum. Our intention is to display accurate examples of items which may have been used during the time frames associated with our exhibits.

Items currently sought for display in the Museum include:

Postcards from the Parma Hilton Area.

“Hit and Miss” gas engine for Farm Display.  Need not work.

Early Hilton Industrial items.

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