Your Questions Answered

How do I schedule a special tour of the museum?

Call the Curator, Ken Freeman, at 585-392-9496 or you may email Ken. If no answer, please leave a message with a call-back number and name.

Is there geneology information available?

A limited selection of family history for the Town of Parma and Village of Hilton is available in our archives. Contact Town/Village Historian, Mr. David Crumb, at 585-392-9496.

Are there area maps of Parma available for research?

Yes. We have area maps dating back to 1858.  Many are on display in the museum.

Does the Society accept gifts to the museum and are they tax deductible?

The Parma-Hilton Historical Society dedicated to the preservation of local history and very often that includes artifacts for the museum.  We fully understand how important it is to maintain the item and the link it carries to local history. 

PHHS has worked very hard to earn the trust and certification required by New York State Regents which ultimately directs and assures the safety of these treasured artifacts.  Further, PHHS is registered with, and is operating, as an IRS 501(c)3 and as such donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. 

Specifically, the rules prohibit the Society from acting as appraisers and we are not allowed to declare a dollar value of any collection, nor can we act as tax advisors. 

Questions regarding the offering and need for donated items should be directed to the Curator.  Questions on the tax deductible process and paper work should be directed to the Registrar, Ed Gable.